Social Impact

There is a growing recognition of the role that social dimensions play within the mining world. They may not demand the same level of attention given to environmental concerns but they are an important issue for industry, Government and society to take into consideration.
Social dimensions focus on the overall health as well as the wealth of a community and its exploration and mining operations. This is especially relevant given the interrelated nature of a closed community such as the Cook Islands. As such, there the Authority is making conscious efforts to address social considerations, and actively seeks to protect the Cook Islands 'way of life'.

Public Participation
The Authority recognises the value of public participation as a tool for managing the social dimensions of mining projects, and so has increased the avenues for public participation:

 - The Advisory Board has been established, and is a link for the community to Government
 - The makeup of the Advisory Board consists of members of the public who make up the various sectors of society from traditional chiefs, environmental to business interests
 - The Authority has begun and will continue public consultations throughout the country which will give people an opportunity to have their voice heard on seabed minerals
 - Most seabed mineral information is to be made publicly available
 - Increasing the public's access to information through website, media releases, information booklet and brochure, and presentations.

Managing Social Impacts
A Social Licence to Operate
Social Impact Assessment
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