Draft Documents

The Authority in conjunction with other agencies have recently made amendments to the SBM Bill (2009) and Policy (2014) to
reflect current best practice as well as to incorporate the principles contained in the Marae Moana Act (passed in 2017).

The newly developed SBM Sector Plan which will act as a guide for the Authority going forward is also available down below. 

While these documents are still under review and are subject to more amendments draft copies are available below:

- SBM Draft Bill latest version (June, 2019) - Summary report on the progress and consultations of the Draft SBM Bill 2019
- Explanatory Note of SBM Bill
- SBM draft Policy
- SBM draft Sector Plan

Feedback on any of these documents are encouraged and can be sent via email seabedmineralsauthority@cookislands.gov.ck to the Authority.

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