Seabed Minerals in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a country of 15 islands that benefits from an extensive marine and ocean jurisdiction with an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Our ocean is central to Cook Islands life and is valued for many reasons, including transport, fishing, recreation, tourism and its spiritual and cultural significance. It is also rich in resources, both living and non-living, found in a diverse mix of habitats and settings.

Our ocean offers new economic prospects for the Cook Islands through activities associated with the exploration and exploitation of seabed mineral deposits such as polymetallic nodules, polymetallic sulphides and cobalt rich crusts.

Seabed mineral deposits - particularly polymetallic nodule deposits – have been of international commercial and scientific interest for many decades. These deposits, or accretions of nodules, are found on the deep seabed floor and contain, in some cases, economically attractive quantities of base metals such as manganese, nickel, iron, cobalt, copper, vanadium and titanium.

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