The Authority receives technical and financial support from the EU-SPC through the DSM Project based at the Applied Geoscience and Technology Division (SOPAC).

The overall objective of the DSM Project is to expand the economic resource base of Pacific ACP States by developing a viable and sustainable marine minerals industry. The specific purpose is to strengthen the system of governance and capacity of Pacific ACP States in the sustainable management of their deep sea mineral resources through the development and implementation of sound and regionally integrated legal, fiscal and environmental frameworks, improved human and technical capacity and effective monitoring systems.

The Project will deliver against the following four major components (i.e. Key Result Areas):

1. Formulation of the Regional Legislative and Regulatory Framework (RLRF) for Marine Mineral Exploration and Mining.
2. Development of National policy, legislation and regulations for the governance of offshore mineral resources within national jurisdictions in accordance with RLRF.
3. National capacities strengthened – to support active participation of Pacific-ACP nationals in the offshore mining industry.
4. Ensure effective environmental management and monitoring regime for offshore exploration and mining are in place.

The DSM Project has assisted the Cook Islands through:
 - Hosting and funding participation at DSM Project regional workshops
 - Providing continual technical assistance, capacity building and legal advice
 - Recruiting a Cook Islands legal intern (Alexandrya Herman) to gain work experience within the DSM Project
 - Providing funding for a Cook Islands scientist (Duane Malcolm) to undertake specialist training on manganese nodules analysis
 - Publishing the Regional Legislative and Regulatory Framework (RLRF) as a guide for Pacific-ACP states
 - Releasing Information Brochures on relevant seabed mineral issues
 - Conducting a stakeholder consultations workshop

For more information on the DSM Project see Website
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