Minerals Tender 2015

The Minister of Minerals and Natural Resources Hon. Mark Brown invites application for Exploration licences for Manganese Nodules offshore within a designated area of the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone.

The Tender offer is governed by the Cook Islands robust legislative framework, which include the Policy, Seabed Minerals Act, Seabed Minerals Amendment Act and Regulations surrounding Seabed activity.

1.Cook Island Seabed Policy 2014
This sets out the rationale and vision for high level policies that will guide the planning and implementation of the Cook Islands sustainable management of the SBM Resources and to enable the wise regulation of SBM activities.

2.Seabed Minerals Act 2009
This is the core legal instrument that creates the regulatory body, consultative board, and processes to follow when applying for or renewing prospecting/exploration/mining licences and retention leases. The Act sets out the various standards to be met, along with timeframes and offence provisions for non- compliance.

3.Seabed Minerals Amendment Act 2015
Makes various amendments to the SBM Act; the most of which are to enable the Government of the Cook Islands to allocate reserved areas of the seabed for strategic arrangements of national benefit, create an annual holding fee, clarify that an offer document cannot be issued until relevant requirements under the Environment Act have been met, and to change the original licence term for an exploration licence from 4 years to 5 years, and renewal term for an exploration licence from 2 years to 5 years.

4.Seabed Minerals (Prospecting and Exploration) Regulations 2015
The Seabed Minerals (Prospecting and Exploration) Regulations supplement the SBM Act and Amendment Act by providing more detail of what is required on the prospecting and exploration phase of DSM activities. The Authority has the mandate to create more Regulations to govern the vaious aspects of DSM Activities.

2015 Invitation to Apply

The Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the Tender 2015 closes on 11 January 2016.

Applications for exploration must include a work program that demonstrates a technical understanding of the tender area and clearly identifies the activity planned, when it is planned for and the resources needed. Operators must demonstrate to have both the technical and financial capabilities to deliver their proposed work programme.

Summary of Invitation to Apply
The Invitation to Apply will be available from the Seabed Minerals Authority. Email seabedmineralsauthority@cookislands.gov.ck for a copy of the ITA.

A comprehensive Data Package has been compiled by the Authority to assist Applicants in developing their proposals for the 2015 Tender. Index of Data Package can be downloaded here.

Tender Data Package Application Form

           Application Process

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