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View the latest Cost-benefit Analysis (CBA) of DSM in the Pacific Islands Region. This independent CBA basses its analysis on realistic yet hypothetical mining scenarios developed for three mineral deposits thought to have a high potential for economic viability. Download here.

 The CBA summary can downloaded here

View the latest publication on the precautionary approach to mining in the Cook Islands here

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In November 2009, t
he Seabed Minerals Act 2009 was passed by the Cook Islands Parliament, with unanimous support from both the Government and Opposition members of Parliament. This Act was the world's first national legislation dedicated to regulating seabed minerals activities..

On the 26 June 2012, Cabinet approved that-

a- The Act commence operation on 1 March 2013; and 
b-  The Seabed Minerals Authority be established.

On the 29 August 2012, a senior Cook Islands lawyer, Mr. Paul Lynch Llb./B.A. MBA. was appointed the first Seabed Minerals Commissioner, by the Honourable Tom Marsters, Minister of Minerals and Natural Resources. This appointment was approved by Cabinet.

On 13 September 2012, the Seabed Minerals Authority office in Avarua was officially opened by the Minister.

On the 1st March 2013, the Seabed Minerals Act 2009 officially commenced operations. The Authority received its first direct national funding from the Government budget.

On the 8th March 2013, t
he Authority was officially opened by the Honourable Tom Marsters, Minister of Minerals and Natural Resources, who also-

A. appointed the first members to the Seabed Minerals Advisory Board; and
B. Declared the limited areas of Seabed Minerals activity in the Cook Islands EEZ.

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About Us

The Seabed Minerals Authority was established on 26th June 2012 and works in various facets. Find out more here
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Purpose & Role

The overarching vision of the Seabed Minerals Authority is to develop and mature the Seabed Minerals (SBM) sector of the Cook Islands in order to maximise the benefit of our national seabed minerals resources 
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Stage of Activity

Stages of activity can be broadly divided into three stages: Prospecting, exploration and mining. Prospecting and explore suitable mining sites that can be mined with minimal environmental impact, then utilise this data to initiate small scale mining as a test for viability and impact
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