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Feb, 2019

SBM Bill - Part 8A Seabed Mineral Activity in the International Seabed Area

Read up on Part 8A of the new SBM Draft Bill here

Jan, 2019

SBM Sector Draft Documents

Draft documents of the SBM Bill, Policy and Sector Plan can be found here

Upcoming Seabed Minerals Consultations

You can find the Seabed Minerals Tentative Schedule for upcoming consultations here

News Release on the New Draft Seabed Minerals Bill

Read the media release here

Dec, 2018

Seabed Minerals Bill

The Consultation Draft Bill and Explanatory Note are now available to the public for feedback. Feedback deadline extended to 26th February 2019


Insight into what's in our backyard...

The Cook Islands is a small, developing Pacific Islands nation that is increasingly viewing
itself as a “Large ocean state”. Like many Pacific Islands nations, the Cook Islands has
limited opportunities for sustainable economic growth and diversification. One of our
greatest natural resources has always been our ocean.

Forty years of ocean survey work suggests as much as 10 billion tonnes2 of mineral rich
manganese nodules are spread over some 750,000 square kilometers of Cook Islands
Continental Shelf. This SBM Resource offers a significant opportunity for the long term
sustainable economic and social development of the Cook Islands.

Read more on seabed minerals in the Cook Islands here.
Seabed Minerals
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Seabed Minerals Bill

The Consultation Draft Bill is now available to the public for feedback. Please send in feedback by 6th February 2019.
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In Focus

More consultations on the Update of the Seabed Minerals Sector as well as the SBM Draft Bill to come in 2019. 

Stay tuned to find out when and where you can catch the next consultation.

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Read the latest press release on the SBM Draft Bill

 All media related to the CI seabed minerals sector can be found here. 
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